Why “Cloud” Computing?

Everyone’s talking about The Cloud, but what exactly is it?

Cloud computing allows business data to be shared between locations and users on demand using internet technologies, rather than restricted paper-based systems, local networks and file servers.
For Businesses this significantly reduces costs, and time searching for, accessing and sharing information.

Reduced IT costs

You no longer need to worry about large up-front IT costs as our Cloud services are completely scalable.  Depending on your current or future business needs, you can increase or decrease storage capacity to meet your data requirements and the number of users accessing the system.
79% of companies say that Cloud cost savings have been on par with or even exceeded original estimates

Automatic software updates

You no longer need to worry about costly software upgrades. We provide all the tools you need on a “software as a service” (SAAS) basis – which we maintain and update everything automatically for all our customers saving you time and money.
UK organisations spend an average of 143 hours or 18 working days per month just managing on-site security solutions

Increased productivity with flexible working

Providing your staff with flexibility positively affects work-life balance and productivity. With your business documents and workflow moved to P4P Cloud servers your employees can work from anywhere, anytime using any device as long as they have internet access.
A recent study found that 42% of working adults would take an average pay cut of 6% if they could work from home

Simplified Disaster Recovery

Remove the worries of having complex disaster recovery plans. Our Cloud computing service takes care of most issues and does it faster – by automatically protecting against events such as local power loss and ensuring your data is regularly backed up for you at multiple locations.
Businesses which use the Cloud are able to resolve issues almost four times faster than businesses that don’t
Aberdeen Group

Better security and data compliance

Around 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports alone – and the data stored on them lost forever. When everything is stored securely in the Cloud, your data can be accessed no matter what happens to your computers.
One in four UK businesses have had a laptop lost or stolen in the past 12 months
Computer Weekly

Enhanced document control

Eliminate the chaos of shared folders on file servers, and individual PCs where files are changed, duplicated, lost or deleted often without control. With P4P’s Cloud service all your files, documents, records and information are kept securely in one central location with version control and access permissions to keep track of changes.
75.9% of companies experience significant business risks and/or compliance issues due to broken document processes