Helping the Environment

We’re passionate believers in cleaner, sustainable technologies.
But what benefits does going paperless with P4P really offer?

The rise of cloud computing is set to make a positive environmental impact by saving energy – helping to reduce business costs as well as the IT industry’s massive carbon footprint, estimated to account for 2% of the world’s total carbon emissions.

Businesses of all kinds are looking for ways to operate more sustainably and increase their competitive edge. Moving Information Communications Technology (ICT) from on-premise servers to The Cloud is seen as a key area of focus for achieving sustainability goals.

Blue-chip companies in the UK plan to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing from 10% to almost 70% of their information technology by 2020. It is estimated that these companies could achieve annual energy savings of £1.2 billion (€1.39 billion) and carbon reductions equivalent to the annual emissions of over 4 million passenger vehicles.

Up to 90% more efficient

However, recent studies by Accenture/Microsoft suggest that SMEs stand to make the biggest savings. With naturally fewer users, traditional on-premise servers suffer from long periods of inactivity during which they run idle and waste energy.

Moving business data from on-premise servers to shared Cloud services such as P4P’s eDocsQM Suite spreads the load, increases efficiency and saves energy – reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%.

  • Small Business (up to 100 users)

  • Medium Enterprise (up to 1,000 users)

  • Large Corporate (up to 10,000 users)


Download the study from Accenture