Go paperless in 4 easy steps

Don’t let paperwork drag you down, follow our 4 Steps to see how our Go Paperless! Service makes going from a paper based office to a Digital working environment can be fast, and painless without any business downtime.

Step 1: We listen

Understanding you and your business ensures we deliver the right project managed service on a schedule tailored to fit around you and your budget.

We’ll show you how you can reduce costs, manage risks and increase customer satisfaction, while complying with ever changing legislation.

Step 2: We make it happen

When you’re ready to go, we’ll collect your paperwork and take it to our scanning bureau where your documents are scanned and OCR indexed to 99.9% accuracy at up to 200 pages per minute.

Your captured data is encrypted and uploaded directly to your CloudEQMS document repository hosted in ISO27001 approved data centre. Original paper documents can be retained in secure storage vault so they stay safe before being destroyed and environmentally disposed of at the end of retention.

Step 3: We help you get started

We provide all the tools you need to access and manage your data once it’s Digital “In the Cloud” using CloudEQMS  Enterprise Quality Management Software and BI mobile apps.

CloudEQMS Quality Management system is fully customisable to match the look and feel of your organisation.

We offer flexible pricing, and a range of training packages to meet your business needs.

Step 4: We’re always here for you

That’s it! You’re now running your business without the burden of paper or maintaining your own file servers.

But that’s not the end of the story! As a P4P customer we’ll keep your software up-to-date with free software upgrades. Unlimited 24 x 7 support ensures we’re ready and waiting to provide advice or answer your questions.

There’s free regular webinars and downloadable information to keep everyone in your organisation  knowledgeable.

So now you know how easy moving documents to the “Cloud” can be, what are you waiting for?

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