Compliance for Construction

Manage risks, suppliers and inspections with a single solution

Compliance Software for Construction Industry

Construction companies face many project challenges, from initial concept, site investigation, through design phases, and at handover.
Juggling day to day risks, managing inspections, suppliers, health and safety of workers and environmental legislation, while increasing quality and customer satisfaction isn’t easy with time consuming, manual paper-based or spreadsheet systems, where information can often be out of date, duplicate or uncontrolled versions.

CloudEQMS™  Enterprise Quality Management Software consolidates and integrates Governance, Risk Management and Compliance initiatives across your organisation with a single solution. 

Switch on/off functionality to meet your organisation or departmental needs. No clunky bolt-on modules.


  • Compelling control over your documents
  • Find any document in your organisation in less than 30 seconds
  • Accurate time-stamped, audit trail to show “what,” “who,” “when,” and “why” information.
  • Centralise CAD and other drawings and see all associated information, such as specifications, standards and regulations.
  • Enhanced search functionality to quickly retrieve a document based on, drawing number, project reference, client name or date.

CloudEQMS™ easily integrate with your existing CRM, ERP or SAP software, so you continue to work the way you want to work.

Mobile BI Apps 

Sail through inspections and audits. Options to upload photographs, video or sound evidence directly to your EQMS system while on-site.

Access any drawing or document you have permissions to anytime, eliminating the need to carry cases full of paperwork, or risk losing sensitive data stored on memory sticks.

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Quality Standards & Regulations

CloudEQMS has been developed to exceed the requirements of many Quality Standards and Regulations